The Fox Programs FAQs

Fox Programs Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is Fox Program ?

Fox Program is an initiative of Spear Fox Corporation aimed at making people grow along with us by helping them to achieve. It is a common name for all the programs offered by us. The programs offered by Spear Fox Corporation will be governed and monitored under a single roof "The Fox Programs". The term "The Fox Programs" refers to the collection of programs offered by us and is valid only on our website and our social media profile pages/accounts.

For more details (or) queries please feel free to write us

2.) What is ZISH Program ?

ZISH Program also known as "Zero Investment Share Holder" Program is one of the Fox Program. By signing up for this program you will become one of our Share Holder and you will be entitled to receive 8% of profit share for the clients under your account.

3.) What role do I play in ZISH Program ?

By signing up for ZISH program you will become our share holder by default and you have to introduce us to a business client whom you know by providing us their information. For any business deals we get from the client you introduced, you will be receiving 8% of the profit. You will become one of the stake-holder during the entire duration of the project.

4.) What is PRP Program ?

People Referral Program is another Fox program, where you have the flexibility to make your friends also grow along with us. You will be forming your own community and growing along with us. A referral link will be generated for you and you can ask your friends to sign up using that referral link.

5.) How am I benefited through Fox Programs ?

You will be receiving "Spear Fox Coins" shortly called as "SFC" as your rewards and these SFCs will be valuated with INR (Indian Rupee), we always keep a constant equation of 1 SFC = 10 INR. Depending upon your country’s exchange rate SFC will be valuated globally against INR.

6.) What is SFC (Spear Fox Coins) ?

SFC is our own currency which is valid only within our organization and it becomes void out of our organization. It is not a physically currency like INR or virtual currency like BitCoin but it is our own intra-virtual-currency which is used for exchanges within our organization.

7.) When and How do I convert my SFCs to Physical Money ?

Once you have earned 50 SFCs under any of the programs offered by us, you can convert those SFCs to your desired Country’s exchange value. Always remember SFCs will be valuated against INR and a constant equation of 1 SFC = 10 INR will be used for conversion.

Case 1: SFCs to INR
You have earned 100 SFCs, this is equal to 1000 INR, when you raise your request for converting 50 SFCs in INR, then you will be receiving 500 INR to your bank account and this 50 SFCs will be deducted under your earnings. Now you will be left with 50 SFCs in your account.

Case 2: SFCs to USD
You have earned 100 SFCs, this is equal to 1000 INR, when you raise your request for converting 50 SFCs in USD, then you will be receiving 500 INR which is then converted to USD using current day’s exchange value (Conversion charges & Bank charges applicable)

If we operate in your country then Conversion Charges will be ignored.

8.) How much do I get when my friend joins using my referral link ?

You will be awarded with 1 SFC under the PRP program, so when you friend joins using your referral link, then automatically your account will be credited with 1 SFC and once you get 50 SFC under PRP program then you are eligible to convert this 50 SFC to any physical currency.

9.) What is Smart Minds Initiative ?

If your company is less than a year old, then you can enrol yourself in Smart Minds Initiative Program. Please feel free to call us anytime if you have any question related to Smart Minds Initiative.